Tired of not being heard by your Primary Care Provider?

You are more likey to leave your annual wellness appointment with an antidepressant and a panel of labs that "look good" than you are true advice as to how to prevent illness and disease.

After many years in medicine, both as a patient and as a Clinician, I was frustrated. Frustrated that my Physicians, PA’s, NPs, ect weren’t listening to me as a patient. I felt something was “off” but I kept being told I was ok. Fast forward I became a Physician Assistant. Now I am the clinician, and what happened? I started telling my patient’s the SAME THING! “you’re fine, your labs look good”. I soon realized it wasn’t that my previous health care providers weren’t listening to me, they didn’t understand what I was saying! I realized where my formal education had failed me, and it had failed them too and we were failing our patients.

The sad realialization came to me that we didn’t KNOW how to recognize illness BEFORE it became disease. We were trained to identify and treat disease, not how to listen to the body’s subtle lab changes, test for micronutrient deficiencies and target specific supplementation, “just take a multivitamin and eat healthy” we would tell patient’s because we didn’t know WHAT TO DO! I’m on a personal quest for knowledge. I am my first patient. I have been my worst critic, cheerleader and biggest hurdle.

On a journey to build upon my strong foundation of 23 years in medicine. I have spent the last 10 years practicing Emergency, Occupational, and Aviation medicine. 16 years in the air force and army. 3 deployments. 2 children. 1 fantastic husband. I am re-learning ground up medicine. I now focus on prevention, targeted supplementation, IV therapy, chelation and my patient! I hope we can work together on your journey for YOUR health. I will listen and hear you and do my best to help you prevent illness, come up with alternatives and supplementations to your current health issues taking a top down and bottom up approach. It isn’t quick or easy, it’s a journey and I’m in if you are.

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Catherine Colley


Alternative Medicine

I have been in medicine for over 20 years. I have served 17 years in military medicine. The last 10 years have been spent as an Emergency Room provider and Aerospace Physician Assistant. I feel we are best served combining natural and conventional medical practices and beliefs and this is what drove me to start Elite Performance Hydration. I practice as a partnership with each patient and enjoy being a part of their health and wellness journey.

Sarah Pierce


Alternative Medicine

Sarah has been in medicine for about 10 years. Her time as a critical care paramedic has refined her clinical judgement and lead her to a position as a ventilator specialist where she instructed hospital employees all over the country. Her experience and dedication to helping and educating others makes her an ideal member of our team.