Elevate your well-being in our peaceful oasis, featuring a cold plunge experience that invigorates your body and enhances mitochondrial health

We Start Our Day....

5:15am, with coffee. My husband and I enjoy 30 minutes together in the quiet of our living room every morning. I drink coffee, he prefers green tea. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we don't. Topics range from planning out who picks up who, what's for dinner, to solving the worlds problems but the one thing we ALWAYS do....is cold plunge.

Cold plunging, or cold water immersion, offers a multitude of benefits for both our body and our minds. For a quick 3 minutes, it gives hours of a dopamine high ride. Now that is a bang for buck wellness journey I'm willing to take! 

There is no way I can do that....

Taking the plunge into cold water certainly requires a strong mindset but don't get in your head (no pun intended) and just DO IT! It's often said that "mind over matter" plays a crucial role in this practice. When faced with the shock of cold water, our natural instinct is to resist and avoid it. However, embracing cold plunging teaches us not only the power of mental discipline and resilience, but your mitochondria will thank you. The moment you decide to step (who are you kidding, you have to JUMP IN) into that cold water, you're not only challenging your physical limits but also your mental barriers. It's a mental game where you have to remind yourself that the initial discomfort will pass, and the rewards, both in terms of improved mood and physical benefits, are worth the temporary discomfort.

Caffeine high without the coffee breath.

Jumping into a cold plunge is like giving your body a shockingly refreshing wake-up call, with all the perks of a morning coffee minus the caffeine jitters and coffee breath! With each plunge, you strengthen your ability to confront challenges head-on and develop mental fortitude that can extend into other aspects of your life. Cold plunging is a powerful reminder that sometimes, to achieve something worthwhile, you must push through discomfort and rely on the strength of your mind.

Shock, Giggle, Relax, Meditate.

This is what happens. Being in a cold plunge is like a quirky oxymoron in action – you're submerged in frigid water, yet your body somehow manages to convince itself that it's lounging on a warm beach with a tropical drink in hand. You're simultaneously shivering and Zen, frozen yet floating in a blissful state of relaxation. It's as if your brain hits the snooze button on reality while your body takes a chilly dip into tranquility. Cold water and calmness might sound like an odd couple, but in the world of cold plunging, they're the perfect match for a paradoxical, refreshing experience. So throw on your noise cancelling headphones, put on that 5 mediation youtube video and jump in!

Catherine Colley

Catherine Colley

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