Private, quiet, riverfront home for exclusive, private, restorative healing.

If you desire exclusivity, privacy, effective and discrete treatment, then we are for you!

Nestled on a gravel road in Rock Island, IL is a quaint, 2 bedroom riverfront abode. Boasting expansive river views, a firepit and dock. Here you can work, sleep and recharge while recieving your infusions by a licensed healthcare provider. Heal in privacy, but stay connected to business, friends and work with high speed internet in a relaxing environment. 

Treatment duration is dependent upon each individual but typically lasts from 5-10 days. May just come for daily infusions and return home or elect to stay overnight. Meals not provided.


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A New and Effective Therapy for Damaged Brains

NAD+ combined with specific amino acids has been shown to assist natural brain healing. Typical addiction therapy involves abstinence from the substance, and adjunctive recovery means such as therapy, grounding, groups, ect. Nowhere is cellular level healing addressed. At Elite Performance Hydration, we work to repair the neurotransmitter receptors that have been damaged by long standing stimulation from drugs, alcohol, screen time, porn, ect. The brain naturally decreases the receptor number and sensitivity which contributes to a need for more drug to get desired effect. Our treatment plan treats the brain itself to daily infusions of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and NAD+ over 5-8 hours. We use specific combinations that have been found to target healing in specific neurotransmitter systems damaged by different means of addiction.

Patients observe less cravings, and notice a return of their higher functions such as sense of humor, social awareness, mental clarity, enthusiasm and energy. The return of these feelings of self allows the patient to be more receptive of advice and counseling. When this therapy is coupled with other traditional means of healing such as counseling, therapy, social interaction and close work with an addiction counselor or addiction treatment center, there is potential for upwards of 80% sobriety. 

These brain changes are brought about by repair, not replacing one substance for another and are permanent as long as offending substances are avoided.


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Treatment also available in our office or in your home

Don't need the cabin? No problem!

You can come into our office for your infusions or we can come to your home/office as well.